Personalize YOUR Virtual Reality VRKIX Headset With a Skin or Faceplate

Make your VRKIX as unique as you are!

We can work directly with you on custom printed faceplates for your virtual reality headset.

1. Add the item: "Personalized Faceplate-Print My Image", from Option B, to the shopping cart.

2. E-mail us ( your photo or graphic and we'll send back a proof before printing! (Please use the same email address to send the graphic as you used to place the order so we can match the graphic to the correct order.)


Start with A VRKIX

Our most popular virtual reality headset can be branded and customized to your taste.  

Option A

Choose from our growing library of skins and faceplates. 

+ $14.99

Option B

Customize your Virtual Reality Headset with a custom Faceplate! Make your very own by adding a 2 image changing lenticular design

+ $3.00 and up