VR KiX Virtual Reality Headset - Carbon Fiber

The VR KiX now has an exciting new color, Carbon Fiber.  The features you love haven't changed, but the outside is now coated in a new glossy pattern.  And oh, by the way, it comes with a storage case. 

The carbon fiber design is a water transfer.  You may see slight variations in the pattern, but this is only due to the process and the fact that the VR KiX has rounded edges.  It just means that your headset will be unique and there is no other exactly like it!

VR KiX Virtual Reality Headset - Charcoal

Designed for Comfort

Thanks to a ultra-soft face cushion, you can play games and watch videos with zero discomfort! Dual lens adjustment allows you to optimize the viewing experience while the elastic straps keep our premium virtual glasses firmly in place.

VR KIX now comes with a free app that you can download from your Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Type VR KIX into your app store search window.

Premium Quality

Large adjustable optical resin lenses reduce deformity and remove glare, preventing eye fatigue. Lens depth and pupil distance are fully adjustable so you can view without wearing glasses.  Individual eye adjustments are possible by twisting the lenses individually. (When you receive your VR KiX, the lenses will have a protective film on them.  Please remove it before use.)


VRBuilder Virtual Reality DIY Headset Kit

Open the box and let the building begin. Create a one-of-a-kind VR headset! Customize the body pieces with spray paint or other decoration techniques before assembly to personalize your VR KIX. The pieces in this DIY kit will build the original VR KiX headset.  It is the exact same parts, so you know it is high quality.

There are so many options for making this headset.  You can customize it before you even get started! 

Personalize YOUR Virtual Reality VRKIX Headset With a Skin or Faceplate

Make your VRKIX as unique as you are!

We can work directly with you on custom printed faceplates for your virtual reality headset.

1. Add the item: "Personalized Faceplate-Print My Image", from Option B, to the shopping cart.

2. E-mail us (info@vrkix.com) your photo or graphic and we'll send back a proof before printing! (Please use the same email address to send the graphic as you used to place the order so we can match the graphic to the correct order.)


Start with A VRKIX

Our most popular virtual reality headset can be branded and customized to your taste.  

Option A

Choose from our growing library of skins and faceplates. 

+ $14.99

Option B

Customize your Virtual Reality Headset with a custom Faceplate! Make your very own by adding a 2 image changing lenticular design

+ $3.00 and up


VR KIX offers premium personalized promotional virtual reality headsets that suit your business and promote your brand awareness.

The new virtual reality industry offers the opportunity to provide your clients and customers a unique marketing experience  with their very own custom Google Cardboard compatible VR viewer. It’s an outstanding promotional marketing tool which offers low cost impact of immersive experiences using a high quality virtual reality 3D viewer.

VR KIX is a great looking headset with excellent features and is well suited for commercial advertising and special promotions. Why settle for comparably priced custom cardboard VR viewers when you can have a luxury model instead?

 Introduce your clients and customers the excitement of this new immersive technology.  All work is done in-house, from logo optimization and proof, to print run scheduling and quality control.

Create an impact and lasting experience when you brand our premium gift VR product for your business needs.


Your brand logo front and center on the VR KIX faceplate enhances brand awareness and is an innovative way to promote your business.

Wrap the VR KIX premium virtual reality headset in a unique vinyl wrap the personalizes and brands the product in 360 degree full color.  Wraps are made in the USA and all logo placement and design will through the same proof acceptance process as the branded faceplates.  Skins are fade proof and thick  for easy placement.  Skin the complete vr goggle or just the front plate.